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Piano Chords Poster - Print File (Hi-Resolution)

NEVER Get Stuck With Chord Melody, With This Beautifully Designed Piano Chord Poster

✅ Speed up your music production, with a visual aid that makes sense. Combine with practise, and you’ll begin to see incredible results.
✅ Improve your melody writing, with a visual aid that's been designed to use on the fly. Take a glance at the coloured coded chords, plug em in, & repeat, until you have something you like.
✅ Stop getting stumped for chord ideas, with 120 chords from, both major & min scales, neatly laid out into key rows.
✅ Learn quicker. No more googling, watching tutorials, or searching for chords tutorials for hours. All the basics are on one sheet, with a bonus 26 page PDF guide for extra learning!
✅ Never purchase another poster. Re-print as many times as you like (for personal use), with 6 hi-res digital files available for download in black & white, A2-A0.

Ideal Music Producer & Piano Beginner Gift

Whether you're a music producer looking to learn how to create better chord progressions and write bangers, or a Piano learner looking to expand their knowledge - the Chord Progressions poster will rapidly speed up your beatmaking, and learning process. Giving your the tools to create chord melodies in minutes, learning by doing, rather than spending hours studying a book. Just choose a key, a sequence of chords, and they'll sound great together.

All Essential Piano Chord Scales: 168 Piano Chords On One Poster

Our poster displays 12 chord scales in both major and min keys (that's 168 chords on one poster), with chord progressions you can plug & play - providing you with essentials for chord melody.

Need a bit of inspiration when cooking up beats?

With our piano chord progressions poster, you'll be writing professional chord melodies in a matter of minutes.

Using the cleverly designed colour coded key, & scale system, you can pick a key, choose a sequence of chords, draw them in your DAW (or play them), and instantly have a base progression to build your tracks from.

Then, from there, we'll guide you through a process that will turn basic chord progressions, professional, using our PDF guide & video tutorial, that explains exactly how to use your poster, and includes advanced bonuses that you won't find included with any other music theory poster on the internet.

Making chord progressions has never been so easy, and creating from scratch is a void that theory plugins can't fill.

Grab your Piano Chord Progressions poster today.

Great For Practise & Learning

If you're a pianist or music producer learning piano all by yourself, it can be tough. With this easy design, you'll be able to refer to the chart and know what to play in minutes, all while working towards creating an incredible, melodic, chord progression.

E-Book & Video Tutorial Included (Worth £29)

The only company to offer any additional learning support beyond the poster. Using our 21 page PDF guide, you'll learn how to make, basic chord progressions, professional, using a number of techniques that we make easy to digest, with beautifully designed diagrams, & demonstrations. Learn how to add bass notes for thickness, extensions for colour, inversions to change the vibe, & more!