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Exotic Piano Chord Scales Poster Print File (Hi-Resolution)

70 Exotic Piano Scales on One Poster

Speed up your music production, with a visual aid that makes sense. Combine with practise, and you’ll create unique, interesting melodies in no time.

Create unique & interesting melodies, with 70 exotic scales that will add an edge to your productions.

Learn faster. No more googling, watching tutorials, or searching for scales for hours. The most useful Exotic scales are all on a single sheet!

Want to bring your melodies to life? Or just need a bit of inspiration to get those creative juices flowing?

With our Exotic Piano Scales Poster, you’ll have the scales you need to make unique and interesting melodies at your fingertips.

It has been fully illustrated and designed to be easy to read, stand out, and look good as part of your music studio/music room design.

It has all the most common exotic piano scales you’ll need to know, with every single key on the Piano.

If you’re stumped for ideas, or just don’t know what to do with your melody line, by taking a quick glance at the Exotic Piano Scales poster, you’ll instantly be inspired.

Our Exotic Scales Posters are made with Museum quality material, printed on a thick and durable matte paper.

Available in black & white, so will suit any colour scheme you have. And, as a plus the paper comes from sustainable trees! Do the environment a service when you’re getting your poster!

  • Available in sizes (inches): 8.3 x 11.7 (A4) , 11.7 x 16.5 (A3), 16.5 x 23.4 (A2)
  • Essential Exotic Piano Scales – Our poster displays 70 Exotic Piano Scales, in an easy-to-read, colour coded format. It’s perfect for music producers and pianists that can’t read music. Just take a quick glance and you’ll instantly be inspired to create new melodies.
  • Great for practise & learning – If you’re a pianist or music producer learning piano all by yourself, it can be tough. With this easy design, you’ll be able to refer to the chart and know what to play in minutes, rather than trying to read pesky musical score.
  • Ideal Music Producer Gift – A lot of us music producers aren’t interested in reading music. It’s just not necessary to make a banger. What is necessary is having the tools in your arsenal to be able to make those bangers. Having the scales sheet as a reference, gives you mountains of opportunity to capture that creative flow you’re in. Take a swift look over, and bang… you got an interesting & unique scale to create from. Draw your melodies in using MIDI, or play them – whatever suits your style.
    Whether you’re a pianist, music producer or songwriter looking for a quick way to expand their knowledge, using this poster will 100% speed up your learning process. Visual learning, combined with actual practise will solidify your theory knowledge and help you to capture those moments of creativity more often.
    Up your production game today!

Never purchase another poster. Re-print as many times as you like, with 2 hi-res digital files available for download in black or white.

Made for any room. Available in multiple sizes, black & white, with a sleek intuitive design that will fit any studio’s style, without sacrificing readability.